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Want to get one-of-a-kind bags for your brand? Offering a wide range of custom options, Golden Bag will realize all your expectations.


An importan element to show fashion &style


The way to show off your brand on bags


Fundamental for the quality and special function of bags


Varies according to different application needs


Various options for a variety of purposes

Metal Hardware

Add brilliance to the attraction or utility of bags

Fabric printing and color

With ample resources of material vendors, we can easily get different colors of cloth, so any requirement even for colors rarely used, we will get you covered.

Oxford Cloth





Sreen printing

Digital Printing

Heat Transfer Printing

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Duffel Bag

Duffel bag or gym bag as a favorite gift for workout and wellness programs


With it, everything will be in order

Drawstring Bag

Maintain body heat and prevent post-swim chills

Custom Made

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Multi-category stylish backpacks to meet any of your purchasing needs

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Everything you need to run your aquatic facility

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Need a Corporate Gift Idea? Backpacks are the Answer

Take your brand outdoors with promotional cooler bags

5 Benefits of Owning a Promotional Tote Bag

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Why Promotional bags Are a Great Way to Advertise

Whether you want to launch a new product, build brand awareness, give gifts to employees, or increase store traffic, promotional products can help you achieve your goals. Helps companies market their brands.
Another enduring promotional item across many categories, bags are a flexible marketing tool often used by brands, charities, online businesses, retail and service organizations.Bags are very useful and beneficial in helping brands achieve their business goals. Can increase profits and increase sales revenue. It also creates brand and customer loyalty and promotes and markets the business to a wider audience.
Raise awareness for a cause. Promotional bags can be used for different events and increase brand awareness. This marketing method is ideal for organizations, foundations, and charities.Well-designed promotional bags can be reused again and again by customers who believe in your product or service. Every time someone uses the bag, it becomes a walking billboard. Giving away bags can bring many benefits to a brand or business.