Create high-quality tactical equipment based on internal design

High Quality Equipment

28LTactical Backpack

28LTactical Backpack

28LTactical Backpack

Tactical Backpack

Mission Backpack

Tactical Backpack l 31 L

 3 Day Assault Pack

                  2 Day Assault

             Daily Tactical Bags

Outdoor Travel Tactical Bag

        Tactical Backpack 23L

       60L Deployment Backpack

Survival Bags

TT First Responder 

      TT Modular Gunners Pack

            Hard Backpack 20L

        Ninja Tactical Backpack


          Military Backpack 37 L

 EDC briefcase Bag

           Range Bag 23L Duffel

    Black Tactical Bumbag Duffel


Mil Ops Pack 30

TT Mil OpsPack80+24


TT Base Carrierload Carrier


Turn your great ideas into reality

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15 years of experienced tactical backpack production workshop, complete high-quality backpack supply chain, and strict quality management system. Today it has grown into an organization of 3 manufacturing plants in China, Myanmar, Indonesia, we have a total of 36 production lines, 2000 workers, supplying the highest quality and innovative raw materials for each project. To provide customers with the most stable production capacity.

Tactical products include everyday bags, camouflage backpacks, military or army bags, range bags, hunting bags, survival bags, hiking bags, camouflage backpacks, first aid kits,backpacks, fanny packs, duffle bags and more

We believe that competitiveness is achieved through efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement, we can provide you with the most competitive price.

We value the things that matter to you

Thanks to this, every product we handle has undergone multiple stages of quality monitoring;
Make your bags in China. Effortlessly.

We want to make sure that with Golden you get the best Bag

If you are looking for a satisfactory manufacturer of tactical equipment, your task will be completed in Golden.

Golden is far more than manufacturing, our R&D team is always ready to turn customers’ ideas into reality

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