15 Can Everyday Cooler

Take it with you Everyday Cooler Introducing a new redesigned soft edge cooler.

The perfect mobile cooler to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh all day long.
The cooler has a roomy, insulated main compartment with closed-cell foam insulation.
Comes with a top handle for comfortable carrying. Just what you need for a day at the picnic, camping, fishing, beach or pool. This beverage and food cooler is available in 6-can cooler, 8-can cooler, 15-can cooler, and 28-can cooler sizes. Keep things cool all day Made of durable fabric to withstand heavy use Ideal Beverage Cooler Travel Cooler Beer Cooler Lunch Box Cooler Camping Cooler Fishing Cooler Boat Cooler Beach Cooler. The epitome of versatility, this adult cooler is perfect for both men and women. The collapsible sides of the cooler fold down into a semi-rigid lid for compact storage. It comes with a detachable stainless steel bottle opener
Wherever you go – The Everyday Cooler is the perfect insulated cooler to keep your food and drinks cool wherever you need them. A can cooler you can take with you wherever you go. STAY FRESH ALL DAY – This soft cooler has a roomy insulated main compartment with closed foam insulation to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh all day.
MULTIPLE STORAGE POCKETS – Not to mention, this portable cooler has multiple storage pockets inside and out to keep items like napkins, silverware, wallets and keys safe and organized. USE ANYWHERE – The epitome of versatility, the perfect drink cooler, travel cooler, beer cooler, lunch cooler, camp cooler, or beach cooler.

FOLD UP FOR STORAGE – This outdoor cooler folds into its own lid for easy storage. Durable fabric can withstand heavy use. It comes with a detachable stainless steel bottle opener.


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Closed-cell foam insulation


10.50 x 8.00 x 11.00 Inches

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